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Abstract: Pervious concrete is brittle during the Canadian winters, but can be strengthened with easily accessible, effective, and non expensive materials to undergo the many freeze thaw cycles of the Canadian winters.

Comments: Even in bibliography, live links are not allowed.

Then I compared the cost of egg DHA and fish oil capsule DHA and found that fish oil capsule is a Comments: Your project is engaging and well researched.

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Abstract: Biodiesel is a renewable resource that if it swept across the world as a primary fuel it could change the face of our planet for the better.

The same concept can be used in different countries all over the world, saving tax payers' money and the environment.

Abstract: The purpose of my experiment was to find out what was the best paper towel for it's value.

Abstract: Jatropha oil seed cake contains a toxic compound (phorbol ester), but has many practical uses and benefits.

The experiment is being done to detoxify it from its toxic compounds.

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